Mothership Video

Contract Video Services

Mothership Video provides a variety of services to the independent video production and distribution industries. We specifically serve niche markets such as legal depositions & wills, documentaries, business training & safety, TV commercials, and personal videos. Services include:

  • Video Acquisition - Sony VX 3-chip cameras with operators & lighting systems (5100K)
  • Video Editing - Digital editing, titling, & post-production services using Sony Vegas, Photoshop, Boris
  • Duplication Services - Short run duplication on CD-R and DVD+R including full-color custom labeling & packaging
  • Format Conversion - Conversion to/from vhs, s-vhs, hi-8, mini-DV, VCD, DVD, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, h.264, DIVX, Quicktime, WMV (we specialize in conversion to downloadable and streamable formats)

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